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There are a. lot. of essential oil options out there. People often want to know where to start and how to use these little bottles of magic. Here are doTERRA’s top ten most popular oils, with some extra fun tips and guidance from me on how I use them in my everyday life!

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The Basics

Available in the Introductory Kit, Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon are the go-to starter essential oils. They’re perfect to start using for common, everyday purposes.

Lavender Diffuse a few drops to ease into sleep, add a drop to your moisturizer for a soothing boost, or add to water and tea to ease tense feelings. 

Lavender is amazing for being able to chill out, either diffused as you are getting ready to go to sleep or a drop on a tissue in your pillowcase at night. Another favorite is to melt chocolate and then add a few drops of lavender and freeze it, for a little afternoon snack.

Peppermint Energize your day by adding it to a diffuser, soothe occasional nausea by taking two drops in water*, and rub into areas of tension on your neck, shoulders, and head. 

I love love love Peppermint in my diffuser during the day, especially when I need a boost of energy. I also keep a bottle in my bag and put a drop on my thumb and then on the roof of my mouth. Instant energizer! Plus who doesn’t love fresh breath?!?

Lemon Drink with water to cleanse your body, give your respiratory system support, and help with digestion.* In addition, add to water in a spray bottle to clean household surfaces. 

Lemon is my morning go-to in hot water to get my kidneys and liver a little cleansing love first thing! I also use it in a bowl of water to clean up counters, inside the trash can, all the places you would use those yucky chemicals, without, well, those yucky chemicals!

Protect Wellness

From the changing seasons and our immune systems, to the health of our skin, and a properly functioning digestive system, who doesn’t need help maintaining a healthy life? Each of the rest of the remaining seven oils on this list helps us do exactly that.

doTERRA On Guard®. Support and strengthen the immune and respiratory systems from seasonal or environmental threats*, diffuse to purify the air, and to give off an uplifting aroma.  

I love the gel cap versions of On Guard and if I am starting to feel a little under the weather, I take a few of those and my immune system seems to recharge instantly! I use the On Guard toothpaste (flouride free…YEAH!) and foaming hand soap, and I will never go back to chemical soap or toothpaste again.

Wild Orange. Diffuse in the room to uplift your mood when you’re having a bad day and purify the air, support your immune system and add flavor by adding two drops to your beverages.*  

I have a few drops in my sparkling water and drink it throughout the day, I feel like I am at a spa, so refreshing! I ran out of it for a little bit and I have to say my water didn’t taste half as good and was much harder to drink. 

Frankincense. Support your cells with two drops in a veggie capsule*, apply to skin to help with razor bumps and other skin imperfections, and diffuse to add peace, relaxation, and satisfaction to your day.  

I don’t think I could possibly love Frank anymore than I already do! I use it under my tongue every morning and night, to help with happy cell regeneration. And use it on top of my face lotion daily, I feel like royalty every time I put it on. 

doTERRA Breathe®. Maintain feelings of clear breathing by applying to your chest or diffusing into the air, rub into your feet or put into your palms and cup them around your nose to minimize the effects of seasonal threats.  

Lately, I have been adding a drop of this in my face mask before I head out and about. I also diffuse this during the day, when my neighbors are doing a burn. 

Melaleuca (Tea Tree). Add to face wash for skin cleansing benefits, use it in your diffuser to cleanse and freshen the air, and apply to fingernails and toes to keep them looking healthy.  

This has been my go-to along with Peppermint to help stop mold on my bags and luggage. Living in a tropical climate makes it challenging but this has been key.  

DigestZen®. Take internally for indigestion and bloating and to ease feelings of queasiness,* or rub on your stomach before a long flight for its calming aroma.  

If I have a meal that isn’t sitting right, or I ate too much, I love to add a little of this on my belly (especially in my belly button) and rub it around. It works instantly on upset stomachs. (I don’t have children but as a parent this would be in my bag always.)

doTERRA Serenity®. Help calm your emotions and soothe your senses by diffusing or applying to your temples or wrists. 

I use Serenity on the inside of my wrists and elbows before bed, and this smell is my all time favorite. It is so nourishing and relaxing at the same time. So so good!

Ready to get shopping? Check out my doTERRA store! Make sure to use my doTERRA number #9140512 when they ask how you heard about doTERRA.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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