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doTERRA is committed to producing the purest, highest-grade essential oils, and they work with a network of growers, harvesters, and distillers around the world. 

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I use frankincense every morning and night – I put a drop under my tongue and use it on my face, applying it on top of my lotion.


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My life started with health issues, connected to my mother’s use of a prescribed drug meant to prevent miscarriages. Flash forward to ten years ago, I needed a hysterectomy. My naturopath recommended I use doTERRA’s ClaryCalm®, a topical blend of oils specifically chosen for women. I used it nonstop to help adjust my hormones and it was incredibly helpful. I’ve been hooked on the power of essential oils since then!

I am passionate about the search for natural plant medicine to support healing.

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Ready to bring this magic into your life? doTERRA oils are LEGIT – the real deal, high-quality, ethically sourced oils, designed to help bring your physical and emotional self into balance with the world. 

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Not sure where to start? The Healthy Essentials Kit is the perfect way to integrate plant magic into your daily life.

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doTERRA oils are THE BEST. Seriously. Many essential oils available in stores or online are heavily contaminated or adulterated with synthetic chemicals, but I know you want something completely safe and utterly natural. That's what plant magic is all about! doTERRA takes its sourcing incredibly seriously, and takes pride in providing only the most pure, potent, and effective oils. You get what you're looking for AND you know that your oils are actively making the world a better place. What's better than that?

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