Hi! I'm Trina.

i'm so glad you're here.

I  believe in tranformative alchemy.

clearing space for the beauty, spark, and radiance inside of you.
Let it thrive, giving you the life you truly want.

xo Trina 

I can help it shine.

now, more than ever – the world needs your light.

My own wellness journey started in my early 20s, with a past life regression that heightened my awareness to the gifts of the universe. I truly believe that everything is always connected, and I’m a lifelong learner dedicated to personal growth.

I’ve studied a kaleidoscope of holistic healing modalities: Shamanic Studies, Chakra Rebalancing, Cranial Sacral, Qigong, Tibetan Death Meditation, Arcturus Quantum Healing, Access Consciousness The Bars, and Akashic Records Facilitation. I’m also a certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Transformational Life Coach, and I’ve worked in executive positions in the corporate and non-profit sectors. I’ve traveled the world, and I’ve worked with a long list of clients.

I’m an experiential learner and an apprentice of life, and my decades of experience have led me to realize that one of the reasons I’m on this planet in this lifetime is to be a catalyst, clearing out things that are holding people back and aligning them to their truest version.

I’ve spent my life honing my natural abilities to connect with people’s true selves and to follow my kickass intuition to help uncover their potential. 

Gorillas in the Mist!

I have my Executive Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and used to run a nonprofit in Uganda. One of the most amazing benefits of my time in Africa was being in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and getting up close and personal with a family of mountain gorillas! As the family started moving away, I squatted down to line up the perfect photo of the Silverback, who was next to go by. But Instead of going the direction I thought he would, loudly grunting he started running sideways at me! Missing the perfect shot, I decided to save my life and stand up to look big (I'm not actually sure if that is what you are suppose to do). When he was a few feet away, he turned! Wide-eyed I looked at the guides who were holding back laughter, saying "he was playing with you!" Guess I missed that memo ... and the award-winning photo.

As a certified scuba diver, I volunteer with the Shark Research Institute tagging Whale Sharks - the largest fish in the world at around 40+ feet! My first trip with them was on a live-aboard to the remote Galapagos Islands of Darwin and Wolf, a little less than 200 miles away from civilization in the middle of the ocean. During every dive, the deep blue sea was filled with gorgeous hammerhead sharks swimming through swirling balls of fish. The current was crazy strong and on the last dive of the trip, I had a very close call to leaving the planet because I ignored my intuition. But swimming next to and looking into a whale shark's eye, being that close to such a beautiful, peaceful creature while trying to help them from becoming extinct is one of my greatest joys and adventures! 

Tag! You are It! 

I jumped on an amazing opportunity to do a "house sit" in the Borneo jungle for three months during the rainy season! The unique ecosystem of life there and all of its patterns were otherworldly. Mornings, I would go to the beach to do Qigong and the ocean would have moved all of the sand to the other side, and in its place it left me beautiful treasures and gifts from the sea displayed on the boulders like easter eggs. I would fall asleep every night to bats circling, with pounding ocean waves and the jungle noises and animals getting louder and louder. I slept with ear plugs and it was still the most loud, serene, and beautiful place I have ever been! 

Listen to the sounds of the jungle!

I love experiencing life and all of the simple gifts it can teach us. I once spent 10 days juice fasting in a dark and silent meditation retreat with 34 other women who only spoke Mandarin and Japanese (but they weren't allowed to!) with our beautiful facilitator who is a Breathatarian and hadn't eaten anything for 25 years, living off prana. The first few days, walking in pitch black from my mat to my room upstairs, I would always end up in the left side of the room. But after a few days in the dark without stimuli my right brain/left brain balanced out and I could head straight to the stairs. About halfway through the retreat, my DMT activated and I could see people's energy and where everyone was in the room walking or on their mat! So amazing! (Except for when I hit my nose on the bathroom counter, flipping my hair!)

 it is dark in here! SHHHHH!

Along with the ocean, the mountains have always called me to come play. After I witnessed one of my "mother figures," Charlie, die of a brain tumor at 57, I booked a flight to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilmanjaro - the highest mountain in Africa at 19,340 feet and the highest single free-standing mountain in the world. (And yes! those 340 feet are important to note, as they were the toughest!) Deciding to stay in London, my luggage had different plans and never made it on the trip. So I ended up borrowing e v e r y t h i n g from the porters. Getting ready to start the climb at 2,000 ft, they measured my feet with a stick in the dirt and, smiling, gave me their passed-down-over-loved boots. In those seven days, I have never smelled the way I smelled and ended up losing five toenails – but I would not change that experience or the view from  the top for anything in the world! 

Uh, Spare boots anyone? 

Five fun facts about me