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My goal as an intuitive healer and coach is to align with what is beautiful, powerful, and TRUE in you. My speciality is awareness, mirroring back and amplifying what is there inside you already. I can take everything in and show you what you can't see, helping you spark that radiant light and dissolve anything and everything that is blocking your way forward. I have the ability to pull in your energy and laser channel it towards success. 

I work with the alchemy of spirit to offer clear reflection and transform your life.

I am here to reorient you toward your purpose and direction in this life.

A true healer and coach ...

Is someone who can guide you toward your own innate ability to heal, thrive, and live with purpose. 

My healing, coaching, and energy work provide kindness, intuitive listening, comfort, and ease in conversation … but also resilience and clarity in guiding you toward what is possible. I am here to guide your life force into greater atunement and creativity.

How I work

This work can seem big, weighty, and overwhelming at times – for this to work, you need to be ready for discovery and transformation. 

When we work together, you get ALL of me – I am a naturally gifted healer and I bring my full self and attention to you to dive deep into your spirit and guide the way. 

When we do a session, we will start by simply talking and allowing things to come to the surface. It will be just like you are talking to a friend, but a friend who can access your spirit. If we're doing energy work, you will lie down in a comfortable place and I will walk you through what I have seen and what we will shift, together. 

What to expect

After a session, you might feel lighter, and brighter – I often see a tangible, physical change in my clients after a session. You will feel more aligned, recalibrated, and connected to your physical body, and more deeply, intuitively understand the path ahead of you. 

Intuitive healing, coaching, and energy work can help with a wide variety of things holding you back, including:

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Traumatic experiences

Chronic patterns and behaviors
Toxic relationships 
Feeling like a victim in your own life
Feeling imbalanced 

Unsure where to start shifting your life
Loss of power in decision-making
Feeling stifled
Feeling stuck in your life circumstances
Uncertainty about your purpose in life 

My experience allows me to do healing sessions through the quantum field to anywhere – we do not need to be in the same physical space. I utilize technology platforms including Zoom to conduct sessions. 

is this right for you? 
what to expect
how i work

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