Quantum Transformative Alchemy


Through the gift of guidance and clear reflection, I mirror back and amplify to show you what you cannot see. We will microscope zoom in to deeper fine-tuning of subtle energy, and also telescope zoom out to expand awareness to a greater perspective. My specialty is awareness and I have the ability to pull your energy and laser channel it towards success.

The healing sessions work in profound ways to get to the core of the matter and realign your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies back to the truest version of you. 

What does a session look like?

We start our session with the sharing of what was seen, heard, felt and known during the meditation I do before our session. I will share with you practical, universal tools that you will be able to implement in your life. Then we open up the dialogue to go deeper into everything, together. Through conversation, everything is then brought to the surface and softened to be released. This communication also allows me to see how much your system is open to releasing and receiving, along with what the specific priority need is available to be processed during the healing part. You will then lie down in a quiet, uninterrupted place and in a comfortable position with the camera directed on the top half of your body (if the session takes place on Zoom). 

what happens afterward?

As I conduct energy work on your body, I will simultaneously then lead you through a shamanic journey based on what I have seen as the priority. Any of the following may occur:   

Healing sessions average 3-4 hours. 

During the integration period of around five days following your session, I hold space for you and create a safe container that allows even more subtle energy to shift and to be released. You will often have multi-dimensional memories resurfacing – bless and release them and allow them to flow through your system. In this five day integration window, you will also have email access to me with any questions that might arise. 

• Guide you to release the stress and create freedom from stress.
• Remove traumatic debris from your system.
• Guide your life force into greater atunement and creativity.
• Bring your body back to a state of serenity and safety, joy and vitality.
• Reorient you towards your purpose and direction in this life to actually follow what you love.
• Guide you to fully expressing what you are here to manifest and actually have a clear conceptualization of what that looks like, understanding the details that need to be put in place and fine tuned to keep you maintaining that inspiration to keep you on track.

Energy exchange/investment $333

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Looking for a deeper commitment and more support?

book multiple sessions at once

For those individuals that are focused and committed to their healing on a much deeper scale, greater alignment and shifts can occur with a series of consistent sessions with 1:1 email support between appointments. This added support allows you to maintain a state of healing between appointments.

Depending on your specific desires, in these sessions we can also dive deeper into:

• Working with stress in the body
• Treating the immune system
• Creating security and safety in the body
• Working with your creative life force
• Guiding towards purpose/direction/love and identity
• Assisting you with what you want to express and trying to manifest
• How to better communicate
• How to use your imagination to conceptualize what you want
• Restructuring the way you think about the details
• Guiding you to what inspires you, what you think about, and what answers you need in this lifetime
• Guiding you to head in direction of your purpose, identify with it, and follow what you love

three-session packages available at the booking link above
Energy Exchange/Investment: $1,111