Voicing Your Truth

Every Christmas, I would buy my Father boxes of chocolate covered cherries. They were a seasonal item and the store always had them on sale. So I would over buy.

Under the tree, along with other gifts would be about ten wrapped boxes of chocolate covered cherries. I actually don’t even remember why I started doing this. But this tradition went on for y e a r s. 

While shopping with my Father in the spring one year, I saw them on the shelf in the off season. And I was SO excited! 

I pointed at them and said, Dad look! He looked at them. Smiled. And said, I have to tell you, I have actually never liked them. 

I remember feeling for a quick flash, an instant crushed, but then straight to funniness and confusion thinking back to the hundred or so boxes I had bought.

What the…

And asked out of curiosity, But why didn’t you tell me?! 

I actually can’t remember what he said. I am sure it was something sweet and filled with compassion.

But that memory has been engraved in my head ever since.

Years later, I was hired at a company in a leadership position where another colleague started on the same day, as the receptionist. We became instant friends. And every morning when I came into work I would greet him and say, Good Morning, Franky! 

Six months into this routine we went to lunch as we would do every month or so. And he said, Can you please call me Frank and not Franky, it makes me feel like I am in grade school. 

I grew up with everyone having a different nickname for me: Katherine, Grace, Lola, Katie, TG, Triner, etc.

The chocolate covered cherries scenario, instantly flashed in my mind. 

I smiled and responded with, of course!

And then we weaved seamlessly back into our flow, talking about other things that we were up to. 

Both of these scenarios have always stuck with me.

As one of the things that I crave most in life is people being authentic to what is true for them. And voicing it. 

And if I catch myself not being authentic to what is true to me. I instantly think of boxes and boxes, and well, boxes of chocolate covered cherries. And then confidently speak my truth.

Where are you holding back speaking your truth in a perceived fear of hurting someone’s feelings?

As they say, the truth will set you free.

And keep store bought chocolate covered cherries out of your belly.