Experiencing Intuitive Energy Pt. 2: Claircognizance

In a recent session with a client, I was asked how I experience energy. As we were transitioning from the talking part of the session to the energy healing part of the session. (Side note, the talking part of sessions are equally as important in the healing. Through the vibration of speaking. It allows energy to soften and open up to be released.) I explained that I feel, hear, see, and know.

The moment I said it, it felt strange. Not that it wasn’t true, because it is 100% the truth. But it felt ego-y (not a word) like I had some special powers that others didn’t. The truth is we all sense intuitive energy, just in different ways and levels. And strengthening that muscle(s) allows you to go deeper into the specific way that works for you and should you choose, hone in on that skill. 

This series of posts breaks down ways to experience intuitive energy on top of the five senses that humans normally think of having (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell).
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Claircognizance is the intuitive ability of “clear knowing.”

Signs you are Claircognizant

  • You tend to use phrases such as, “I know…,” “I don’t know how, but I just know somehow.”
  • Your intuition and “gut-feeling” are heightened. You get regular flashes of insights and inspiration. People that have natural claircognitive abilities are logical, enjoy thinking things out, and frequently get ideas that suddenly pop into their heads.
  • You experience feelings of deja-vu, like you’ve been here before or had a dream about this.
  • There are some skills you pick up very quickly without little training or practice, like you’ve done this before.
  • Your mind is full of ideas and possibilities. You have lots of sudden ideas that you can’t wait to share. You’ve experienced fast downloads of thoughts, and spend your time thinking a lot.
  • You feel as though your mind works differently to other people’s.  Most of the time, you get a sudden stroke of insight and then a persistent low beat. You can also get external confirmation.
  • Answers and solutions come easily to you, even without prior knowledge of the situation or subject-matter.


Because of my love of adventure and experience volunteer diving/tagging Whale Sharks, a trip came on my radar to be on a live aboard boat for two weeks on the ocean off of Thailand. Although I never plan trips ten months in advance and always follow my intuition on where in the world I am being called to, I immediately sent the $1,000 deposit to hold my spot. A few days later, the moment I woke up I knew I was not supposed to go on this trip. It was strange because I had the vacation accrued from work, it wasn’t a busy time, I could afford the payment schedule, I LOVE Whale Sharks, everything about it seemed absolutely perfect and right. But the knowing was a very clear NO. So I emailed the person I sent the deposit to and told them, I am so sorry I am not able to go; even though I had zero reason other than I knew. They told me they couldn’t get the $1,000 back because they had already sent it to the boat. I paused and then responded with, that sucks to lose $1,000, but I can’t go. Fast forward ten months later, the Indian Ocean Tsunami hit Thailand and killed 225,000 people the exact time that I would have been out on the boat.