Be The Change

For the last two months, I have lived in paradise. In a tiny bright and light studio 300 feet from one of the most gorgeous beaches on the planet.

I have been able to do my Intuitive Life Coaching/Energy Work with clients around the world via Zoom. And even was able to get my hands on a few in person sessions recently, to assist in shifting old energy and patterns.

My first few days here, I met Ken on the beach at sunrise. An older kind, quiet gentlemen who picks up a bag of trash a day, without fail.

I felt like the Karate Kid meeting her Master.

He said to me, “Don’t get overwhelmed. All you have to do is a bag a day.”

I nodded slowly with big eyes, ready for my challenge.

On mornings that I don’t have a client scheduled, I roll out of bed and head straight to the ocean. With the sun rising, I do a meditative qigong, put my feet in the waves and greet her. I then spend the next hour or so picking up trash (mostly plastic). 

People started saying “mahalo”, “thank you” or stopping to ask me what I was doing. I would tell them about Master Ken and a bag a day. And I would say, “Plus, I am getting in shape, and helping Mother Nature, whom I love!” 

One day a lovely lady who would always wave to me when she ran by, stopped to ask me a question.

I was telling my Father, about you and how you are always so happy picking up t-r-a-s-h! And he said, I should ask what you do.

I explained that I had simplified my life, love who I am, have great boundaries, and wonderful loving friends that I adore all over the world. And I do Intuitive Life Coaching/Energy Work, paint, write poems, pick up trash daily and that I am actually extremely happy! 

She had just moved from SF to Seattle and was an ER Doctor taking a much needed break. Trying to find what out makes her happy. (Side note: I really wanted to help shift the energy I saw. But I did not mention it. When they are ready, they’ll come for assistance.)

After a sweet older lady stopped me and asked if I had a quota. (I am hoping she didn’t think I had been in prison.)

I decided to post on my and just introduce myself and invite anyone who wanted, to grab a bag on their morning walk and join in. 

Soon after, the beach at sunrise was filled with smiling souls waving with bags in hand, walking the gorgeous beach. Picking up whatever they could find. 

I instantly made friends individually with the morning crew of sunrise seekers: Alex, Paul, Luther, Allison, Maureen, Maggie, David, Rebecca-1, Rebecca-2, Bri, Dan and the list goes on. Learning about their lives and adventures.

One morning, I couldn’t tell what the weather wanted to be yet. Running late to catch the sunrise, I grabbed the closest t-shirt and headed out. While wearing my Do Good t-shirt, Paul a 70+ lovely Irish soul from upstate NY – who always smiles from ear to ear and elbow bumps me when he sees me. Stopped to say how much he loved my t-shirt. Seeing how he lit up about it, I decided to see if I could track one down for him. Sadly, they were sold out at that moment. 

A few days later when I saw him, he mentioned again how much he loved the shirt I had worn. I shared with him that I tried to get him one but they were sold out. 

He instantly turned into a little boy filled with excitement and hit the lid of my baseball cap down past my eyes!

It was one the funniest sweetest moments I had experienced in a long time! Even though I couldn’t see.

(And it reminded me of when I got punched in the arm by the older Vietnamese fisherman when I was living there. A term of endearment.)

In these interesting times we are shifting through. When smiles and purpose are so important for humanity’s overall well being.

I invite you to look within your community and find where can you Do Good?

And please send me a note so I can celebrate along with you!  

Thank you for Being.