Experiencing Intuitive Energy Pt. 3: Clairsentience

In a recent session with a client, I was asked how I experience energy. As we were transitioning from the talking part of the session to the energy healing part of the session. (Side note: the talking part of sessions are equally as important in the healing. Through the vibration of speaking. It allows energy to soften and open up to be released.) I explained that I feel, hear, see, and know.

The moment I said it, it felt strange. Not that it wasn’t true. Because it is 100% the truth. Yet it felt ego-y (not a word) like I had some special powers that others didn’t. The truth is we all sense intuitive energy, just in different ways and levels. And strengthening that muscle(s) allows you to go deeper into the specific way that works for you and should you choose, hone in on that skill. 

This series of posts breaks down ways to experience intuitive energy on top of the five senses that humans normally think of having (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell).
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Clairsentience loosely translated means “clear-feeling”   It’s someone who feels things very deeply, someone who has the gift of clear sensing. 

Signs you are Clairsentient

  • You tend to use the phrase, “I feel” or “I sense that…”
  • You prefer to experience things.
  • Enjoy nature, animals and wildlife. You recharge with quiet time.
  • Are sensitive to your environment and to energies around you. 
  • You are capable to experience and feel both inner and outer energy in a more intuitive way.
  • Get goosebumps or tingles for no apparent reason.
  • Some people call you an empath. You’re very empathetic to your friends’ emotions and energies.
  • Large crowds and busy places can drain or easily overwhelm you.
  • You pick up on the mood of others, their emotions and thoughts. You can sense people’s intentions.
  • Easily relate to others and their situations.
  • Your moods and emotions can be sudden, and sometimes for no apparent reason.
  • You get ‘gut-feelings’ about situations, decisions, places and people.  Even about buildings and outside areas, invisible to physical senses
  • People say you’re too sensitive.
  • You can’t buy old stuff. Because you have the ability to feel or sense intuitive messages through physical touch or emotion.


Years ago when I was in the auto finance field and I went into see one of my favorite finance directors at his dealership. As I had an upcoming trip to Nepal in a few days, and I wanted to see him before I left. As we always talked about the magic of the Himalayas.

The moment I walked into his office, I felt an extreme pain above my left ear. I asked him right away if he had a headache or earache or was there anything going on with him. It hurt like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. For the 45 minute visit, I held that part of my head in pain and tried to stay present. We said are goodbyes. I left his office and got in my car, and the pain above my left ear went away.

I woke to a text from my boss, the next morning. Saying that Steve had gone home that night after work. Walked in his front door, greeted his wife and had a brain aneurysm and was in ICU. I was flying out for Nepal the next morning. So I did everything I could to get ready and went to see him at the hospital.

The hospital was a strange experience. I somehow got lost. And went in a back way. There was no one around except a male nurse in the hallway walking by.

He asked who I was. I said a friend and he said, only family can see him. But winked at me and pointed me to the door. I walked in and smiled.

As a result of the way he was laying in the bed. You could see those crazy hospital underwear nanny pants that they make you wear. And I thought. I cannot wait until he wakes up as I am going to make fun of him!

I then looked at the huge scar above his left ear where they had opened his skull. I put my hand on his hand. And I instantly felt that I was never going to be able to laugh with him again. As he wasn’t coming back. I said my goodbyes to my friend and went to Nepal to hike the Annapurna Circuit.

At the highest lodge on the trek. I woke up in the middle of the night. And said out loud startling my roommate my friend Steve just died.