Whale Song

For a while, I used to sometimes experience this creativity of spirit. Where I would wake up in the middle of the night with a poem circling “very loudly” in my head. Grabbing my phone in the dark, I would write it down as fast as I could. And go instantly and soundly back to sleep. Waking up in the morning, I would have a flash back and say to my cat, Blue, “I think I wrote a poem last night?!” I would then look at my phone and here would be this beautiful poem.

My awake Virgo poem writing tendencies are the opposite, so I loved it when this occurred. Usually, I would have to have some spark first or a crushing break up and then I would write, cross things off, change words, read it again, change everything for the tenth time, until I felt the poem was “maybe okay enough” to read it to my cat, quietly. But during these spirit dream poem writing sessions it just flew out of nowhere with ease and grace.

Fast forward to a couple years later, I had this amazing opportunity to go spend ten days on a live-aboard on the Silver Bank (80 miles north of the Dominican Republic) with some of my dearest friends who had made the movie, “Blackfish” (If you haven’t seen it, please do!)

Every early morning before breakfast we would be half asleep while putting on our wetsuits and go out on a boat, and sink quietly into the water and swim with Humpback Whales and their new babies. It was off the charts amazing!! 

On the second swim, of the first day, we heard a singer.

We floated above him as he sang his heartfelt song at the top of his lungs.

The vibration was so intense and absolutely gorgeous that we stayed out there as long as we could, floating above him singing. I cried nonstop in my mask from the beauty of this deep soulful experience. 

Immediately when the trip ended I was catching a flight to make it to my Grammy’s 100th birthday. As I was waiting during an extremely long layover in SLC, I was going through old poems I had written on my phone and I came across my middle of the night whale poem and realized it was written EXACTLY two years to the day of me floating above the whale singing its song! 

“My soul floats in the sea
One with life and all its pieces 
translucent in its emotions 
My Tears dissolve into the ocean’s foam
with my arms open out fully
Sunshine on my face 
I drift with the tides
Far, far
Into the deep night
Guided by the light of the crescent moon.
Vibrating deep in my soul I hear a whale’s song
And I wake up 
Back in my bed
With salt water in my hair
And the faint smell of the sea.”
3.5.14 tg

Photo of me reaching to the whale taken by my dear friend and very talented landscape photographer Stephen Lefkovits.

p.s. When I became a Reiki Master years ago this was my go-to music: Kamal Reiki Whale Dreaming