Experiencing Intuitive Energy Pt. 4: Clairaudience

In a recent session with a client, I was asked how I experience energy. As we were transitioning from the talking part of the session to the energy healing part of the session. (Side note, the talking part of sessions are equally as important in the healing. Through the vibration of speaking. It allows energy to soften and open up to be released.) I explained, that I feel, hear, see, and know.

The moment I said it, it felt strange. Not that it wasn’t true, because it is 100% the truth. But it felt ego-y (not a word) like I had some special powers that others didn’t. The truth is we all sense intuitive energy, just in different ways and levels. And strengthening that muscle(s) allows you to go deeper into the specific way that works for you and should you choose, hone in on that skill. 

This series of posts breaks down ways to experience intuitive energy on top of the five senses that humans normally think of having (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell).
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Clairaudience is the intuitive ability that refers to clear hearing.  Clairaudience (clear-hearing) can manifest internally, meaning heard within your mind, or externally, meaning heard as a voice or a noise outside of yourself.

Signs you are Clairaudient

  • You tend to use phrases such as: “I hear you,” “I hear what you’re saying.”
  • Hear your name being called, yet no one is there. You hear the radio or whispering in the distance, when no one else does.
  • Prefer to listen to, read or research things. You can learn on YouTube just by listening. Or you like to be left alone with a quiet book to learn.
  • You hear buzzing or ringing that appears to come from nowhere.  If your abilities of clairaudience are starting to open up, you might notice a ringing sensation in your ears or changes of pressure within your ears.
  • Hear or speak words in your mind that are clear, rational, helpful, and encouraging. You give others profound advice. You comfort others.
  • Hear messages that have a tendency to be brief and get straight to the point. They could be sudden inspiration doing the most mundane tasks like cleaning your room.
  • You hear things that others can’t.  People tell you that you have amazing hearing.
  • Music helps you connect.
  • You’re more of a listener than a talker.
  • Talk to animals and plants and feel they are communicating to you.
  • You converse with yourself often or mumble something out loud often. You find yourself frequently troubleshooting what you say, calming yourself down with words.


When I was first learning the ways of a Shaman. In a group setting, we were being taught how to journey for someone else. And I was assigned a lady I hadn’t met before.

We introduced ourselves and laid down side-by-side with our shoulders, hips, and feet touching. The Shaman started drumming and I was off journeying for my new friend.

I soon saw an elderly lady in my minds eye. I asked who she was. She showed me a family tree that indicated she was a grandmother. I asked her what her name was. And she said, “Me, Mer, Merc, Merce…” and as she kept speaking these same sounds. I would repeat them silently to her letting her know I was trying to get what she was saying. I finally got that her name was Mercedes and we both smiled instantly! But right after that moment, she said, she won’t know me by that name anyway, only my nickname. She then left, and I was soon in another scene.

Twenty minutes later when I came out of the journey, I wrote down all the notes of what I saw and experienced, didn’t attach any meaning to anything. I then read them back to my partner on what I experienced on my journey for her.

After I was all done, she said, “I was wondering if she was going to show up. That is my Grandmother Coco, I wear her ring and her real name is Mercedes.” (I am not going to lie, since it was the first time that had happened that I was aware of, I was like “WHAAAAAAAAAAT I just spoke to spoke to your dead Grandmother!” It now no longer surprises me and is quite a beautiful thing when deceased members come into sessions with clients.)