Borneo Jungle

“The sea she calls me 

like a childhood friend, 

a recurring dream from another time, 

a novel you never quite finished

but know the ending by heart.

Come dance in my white waves

Like the distant sailboat off the far horizon. 

Walk barefoot in the sand, 

Through the rocks 

I rearranged so carefully for you in the night, she says.

All through the night, as the moon is full,

she roars like a hungry lion,

no one can ever tame.

A lost child looking to be nurtured.

A hungry ghost looking for its next fix.

We plug our ears,

trying to escape her self inflicted pain.

Hoping it doesn’t secretly enter our dream state.

In the morning, she sparkles with the sun as she smiles and delivers her gifts. 

“See I told you, I’d be back,” she echoes.

Pieces of colorful boats, that never made it safely home

she displays like Easter eggs for us to find.

Tangled wood 

barnacled like ancient whales, 

blue as the azul sea,

are her favorite gifts as of late.

When her tide is low she quietly hums like the sweet north wind

that carries the fragrant smells across the water.

“Play here” she whispers.

We settle nicely 

on our backs

the curves of the rock 

caressing our soul.

Slowly she gets closer, 

louder with each wave 

Until her roar is again at our feet

We know it’s time to go.

As night falls, 

the sky turns to black

The bats circle overhead ⭕️ like a vortex 

We hear her in the distance.

“Tomorrow will be even better than today,”

she repeats over,

and over


Until the crickets and frogs

orchestrate their song

deep into the night.”

TG 2.4.19